Tool Name: SfB User to Microsoft Teams migration tool v1


SfB to Microsoft Teams User migration tool, when your organization prepared and ready for user migration then this will come handy and ease your overall user migration efforts. This tool is self-explanatory and generates a detail report with migrated user, failed and already migrated category.


Apart from migrating user to Teams, this tool enables user for enterprise voice, assigned online voice routing policy etc.


How to use tool? You can refer our earlier blog post:


Tool prerequisite:

  1. The on-premise User account must be synced with Azure AD and available in Office 365 Admin portal.
  2. The user account must have Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online (plan2) license assigned.
  3. If migrating user account enabled for enterprise voice (On-prem/Online), then assign Audio Conferencing and Phone system license to a user account before migrating (it may take hours to update the license).
  4. To migrate SfB on-prem to Teams, run this tool on Skype for Business Front End server
  5. To migrate SfB online to Teams only run this tool on Windows 10/ Windows Server 2012/2016 with the latest PowerShell module and skypeonlineconnector module.
  6. The account you are using to run this tool must have SfB on-prem server (CsAdministrator / CsServerAdministrator) as well as Office 365 Global admin or User admin role permission.

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