Getting Started with Microsoft Teams


Book title: Getting started with Microsoft Teams

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Book Description:

Getting started with Microsoft Teams, is an informative and useful pocket guide or book. Microsoft Teams is a true collaboration tool which has inherited features set from existing well-established applications like, Skype for Business, Persistent chat, SharePoint and Microsoft exchange etc.


This book contains both descriptive information and best practices that highlights capabilities of Microsoft teams and some step by step procedures with Images that gives exact information which will help to understand and setup Microsoft Teams.


This book also talks about what is Microsoft Teams, how to activate Teams, Provisioning and managing access in teams, managing Team and channels, Use and manage activity feed, Team customization, activate guest access in Team and many more.


The author thoroughly introduces Microsoft Teams activation, provisioning, managing, customization and use of all features with examples and challenges and troubleshooting, as well as changes and improvements in Teams. This book has detailed information about each feature like, chat (knows as Instant Messaging), Presence Information, One-on-One call, Team meetings, project contents, and collaboration; and best practices on each feature. Also Book shed lights on multi-platform clients, security, best practices and troubleshooting.


The Author himself is a support engineer which is reflected in each topic, he explains every topic with example and step-by-step configuration instructions that is very useful for an administrator, Helpdesk and End user.