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Create organization wide Team in Microsoft Teams to collaborating in one place.


Microsoft Teams Phone System

Microsoft Teams Phone System
  • Balu llag
  • March 14th, 2019

Create an organization wide team to get everyone in your organization collaborating in one place. Org-wide teams provide an automatic way for everyone in a small to medium-sized organization to be a part of a single team for collaboration. Org-wide team is organized way to publicly announce company news, highlight and messaging.

Org-wide Team

Who can create organization wide team?

As an end-user you cannot create organization wide team. Only global admins can create org-wide team and currently org-wide team is limited to organizations with no more than 2,500 users. 

Global administrators can easily create a public team that pulls in every user in the organization and keeps the membership up to date with Active Directory as users join and leave the organization. If these requirements are met, global admins will see Org-wide as an option when creating a team.

Global admins can convert an existing team to an org-wide team editing it in Teams client. Go to the team name and click More options … > Edit team.

How org-wide team works?

When an org-wide team is created, Remember only global admin can create org-wide team, all global admins are added as team owners and all active users are added as team members to the team. Users who are disabled for Teams, guest users, and most rooms aren’t added to the team. As your organization’s directory is updated to include new active users or if users no longer work at your company and their Teams license is disabled, changes are automatically synced, and the users are added or removed from the team. Team members can’t leave an org-wide team. As a team owner, you can manually add or remove users if needed.

Note: Rooms account that aren’t a part of a room list, equipment, and resource accounts might be added or synced to the org-wide team. Team owners can easily remove these accounts from the team.

Now you know how organization wide team work, lets create organization wide team.

  1. To create org-wide team, open and sign-in to Microsoft Teams app and then click on “Teams” then click on “Join or create Team” and then click on “Create a team”. Refer below image.
Create Team option

Click on “Create a team” to see option for team creation. Refer above image.

Build a team from scratch

You will have choice to select option. Select “Build a team from scratch” to create new org-wide team with new Office 365 group. In case you want to create org-wide team using existing Office 365 group then select “Create from….” Option. For this article I have selected “Build a team from scratch” option. Refer above image.

Org-wide team option

Next screen you have to select what kind of team you want to create. Here you have option to choose type or team. Select “Org-wide” team. Refer above image.

Team name

Next page you will have to type “Team name” and “Description” then click on “Create” to get organization wide team created in your Teams tenant. Example; ‘BlogUC Org’. refer above image.

Now organization-wide team will be visible in under Teams list. Refer the below image to show how org-wide team looks like.

Org-wide team display

Remember, everyone in your organization will be automatically added and all global admin are automatically get added as owner of this team.

As an owner you don’t have to manage this team for member because all team members will be automatically added and removed to reflect your organization active directory.

Unable to Org-wide team option while creating team?

If you unable to see the Org-wide option when creating a team and you are a global admin, the feature might still be rolling out or your organization might have more than the current size limit of 2,500 members. Microsoft is looking to increase this limit in future.

Thank you.

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