Enhanced SfB user to Teams migration tool for bulk user migration

Balu Ilag | April 30th, 2020

Enhanced SfB user to Teams migration tool for bulk user migration

SfB to Teams user migration tool for bulk user migration

Recently we got the opportunity to utilize SfB – Teams migration tool to migrate over 1000 users and tool works flawlessly as expected. You want to know how tool works, prerequisite and FAQ then refer my previous post https://bloguc.com/microsoft-sfb-to-teams-migration-tool-v1-is-available/

This migration tool is not only migrating SfB on-prem (Online) users to Teams but also do the following tasks:

  1. Enable/validates users for enterprise voice and Hosted voice mail policy.
  2. Grant Online voice routing policy, Tenant Dial-plan and Emergency routing policy
  3. Capture the migration status for each user’s account and show a live status bar.
  4. After migration, gives a complete report with CSV file for the migrated, skipped, already migrated users.

Latest improvements in tools:

  1. Automatically reconnects the PowerShell session, so that you can seamlessly do the bulk user migration without disconnect.
  2. Tools track the activity with a separate file when you rerun the tool.
  3. The sample file shows the updated format with an example.
  4. The user migration report shows the voice routing policy as well as migration status with migrated, already migrated, and skipped.
  5. Remove existing PowerShell session and end of the script; remove the session.
  6. Capture total user migration time.

Let me know if you want to try a new tool.

Your feedback is welcome.


Thank you.

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