How to integrate Datadog and Microsoft Teams?

Balu Ilag | January 22nd, 2021

How to integrate Datadog and Microsoft Teams?

How to integrate Datadog and Microsoft Teams?

Datadog and Teams integration will benefit by notifying of Datadog alerts and events in Microsoft Teams channel. Also, you can share messages and graphs with your Teams team.

Additionally, connecting Microsoft Teams to Datadog will help your team collaborate by sharing graphs with your colleagues in your team’s channels and receiving alerts and notifications from Datadog within Microsoft Teams.

How to integrate Datadog with Teams?

Before integration, you may need to ask your Teams administrator to allow Datadog application in your tenant or to the specific user including you. Refer the below image shows Datadog allowed in Teams admin center.

Once the application is allowed in Teams admin center (Manage apps and permission policies both) then follow the below steps.

In order to integrate Datadog with a Microsoft Teams : First Login to Teams client and click on “Apps” then search Datadog and then click on it and add to Team which has channel where you want to integrate. Refer below image.

Add the Datadog for a team. For example, Team name “Demo Team1”, and channel name “General” and then click on set up a connector. Refer below Image

On the Configure page, copy the webhook URL. you need this URL as is so copy complete URL.

After coping the webhook URL and then click the “Save” to register the webhook with Microsoft Teams. Refer the below image.

Next step is to configure the Datadog application.

Login to the Datadog app, browse to Integrations > Microsoft Teams.

On the Configuration tab, click Add Channel, give the channel a name, and paste the webhook URL copied from Microsoft Teams and then save the configuration.

Now you can use the notification feature for alerts, events and graph annotations in teams.

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